Helping curate an exhibition at SCOLAR

I was invited with a group of CSAD students to visit the SCOLAR Library at Cardiff University. The library holds many important, old books, as well as some artists books. It recently acquired a selection of books by Ron King of the Circle Press. All these books explore what a book can be, starting off with simple book like structures consisting of printed words and images, to more 3D and minimal pieces. My favourite pieces were the alphabet books. These were simple and minimal, and were concertina books, but the alphabet was cut out in simple shapes, and formed pop-ups. I just loved the simplicity of them.

The week after we went to view the works, we were asked to help curate an exhibition of the Ron King books. It was really interesting to see just how long the process is. A lot of planning and consideration is involved before placing the books in the shelves. I enjoyed working out the placement of the books and how much it changed once we placed the books in the cabinets.

The experience was great, and it was relevant in how I should think about my work towards the degree show. I’m still unsure as how I will display my work, but after taking part in curating the exhibition, I know a lot of thought needs to go into the order I put my work in.

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  2. […] Special Collections and Archives wish to thank the Art and Design undergraduates from Cardiff Metropolitan University who helped create the Circle Press artist book exhibition, for their work in selecting, prioritising, and organising the works which were displayed; namely – Miriam Davies, Adam Wright, Daisy Burrell, Emma Harry, Sarah Thomas, Jemma Schiebe, Molly Lewis, Maya Holthuis, Naomi Morgan, Ruby Fox, and Beth Morris. Beth has written an excellent account of the experience on her blog. […]

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